Designed for climates that experience erratic rainfall, to catch the rain when it falls and then to store it for the dry periods.

Reduces water usage by up to 50% while increasing plant growth, little or no water evaporation with efficient water use. Watering is not effected by windy conditions. The conditions inside the wicking bed provide conditions in which micro biological activity can flourish and help regenerate the soil giving you better soil, for faster growing and healthier vegetables. You can leave your self-watering bed while on holidays or long absences. It can be used as a rain garden and plumbed into a small roof area ie. garden shed, cubby house. Absolutely no digging required to make the reservoir

Kit includes:

  • Garden bed
  • Woven fabric food-grade liner
  • Slotted PVC pipe, elbow and end cap
  • Geotextile sheet
  • 1” overflow
  • 1” outlet

Download brochure for dimensions and prices.

Wicking Bed DIY Kit

$623.00 inc. GST

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