A new and more efficient design that improves the release of material from your bulk bag.

This sheeted model improves the emptying of the bulk bag due to it’s sloped floor which reduces the amount of residual material left in the bag. This means you don’t have to climb up and punch the bag to get the remaining amount.

The current problem is that using the lifting straps on bulk bags gives you limited lifting height and also creates an unstable and potentially dangerous lifting point for the operator.

Placing your bulk bag inside the Bulk Bag Carrier, and lifting from the bottom of the frame allows you to achieve the extra height to get over the top of your bin and fill with ease.

The opening in the base of the frame gives you adequate space to pull the draw string and let the contents of the bag flow, removing the potentially dangerous scenario of standing under an unsupported bulk bag.

A safer, more stable way to lift and manoeuvre your bulk bags…


  • 1280mm1280mm780mm
  • 68kg

Bulk Bag Carrier – Hi Lift: Sloped Floor

$1,077.00 inc. GST

Add the Bulk Bag Carrier – Hi Lift: Sloped Floor to your order; you can choose your preferred dealer at the final step. Finance available: feed now, pay later.