Save your back and move livestock easily

Our Paton 5' x 4' Ewe Lift ATV Trailer is designed to eliminate the backbreaking job of lifting heavy sheep or calves into the back of your ute or trailer.

The Ewe Lift is designed with drop stubs allowing the wheels to pivot away from the chassis allowing the trailer deck to lower to ground level. This lowering of the deck floor makes it considerably easier to lift and carry stock when they are cast or sulking and just refuse to move.  Also ideal for mismothered ewes and lambs who can now be penned inside the trailer and the trailer left in the paddock as a temporary paddock pen.

The trailer is simply lowered and raised using the lifting arm or using the winch attached to the drawbar. The 1200lb winch allows even the heaviest ewes to be raised with ease and done in a safe and steady manner.

The Ewe Lift provides easy access for the stock with the trailer featuring a rear slide gate that opens the 3/4 width of the unit and a handy internal gate is fitted to divide stock when required. To shelter animals within the trailer from wind and mud the front panel is covered, so animals do not get splashed from the vehicle in front.

There is also an option of a rear swing gate.  The advantage of this is there is no top bar, allowing space to stand inside and drag the sheep in more easily.

The trailer has been tested and designed to take constant paddock use and has been built strong to last.

All ATV trailers come with a handy on-board tool box.

Australian made, for Australian Farmers.


  • 3425mm1850mm1400mm
  • 234kg


ATV Trailer – 5’x4′ Ewe Lift

I took our ewe trailer out on its maiden voyage today and it worked perfectly. I was able to bring in a sick, heavily pregnant, twinning ewe without waiting for assistance, and get on with treating her straight away. Pre-ewe lift trailer, it could take hours to bring a sick sheep in, by the time I tracked someone down to help me.

I’m impressed with how quiet it is (hardly any rattling) and it is great being able to tow it behind the ute as well as the bike. I keep it hidden behind the header so no one else nabs it! I’m really happy with it and grateful to you for agreeing to send one over to WA.

Western Australia

ATV Trailer – 5’x4′ Ewe Lift

$4,054.00 inc. GST

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Sliding Gate
Rear Sliding Gate (Standard)$0.00 inc. GST
Swing Gate Partially Open
Walk In Rear Swing Gate$148.00 inc. GST
ATV Tyre
Spare ATV Trailer Tyre$232.00 inc. GST

$4,054.00 inc. GST