The Paton 5 Tonne Feeder is the largest capacity unit in the Paton range. This model is designed specifically for sheep. The large capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs.

Ideal for the larger sheep enterprise, this feeder has two 3600mm troughs, capable of handling 20 ewes feeding at any given time. Paton's lick doors are fully adjustable from closed to 6" open with a simple turn of the supplied spanner.

Unlike other feeders in the market, this unit can easily feed just about any ration. Due to the simply designed lick door this feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavily chopped and mixed feeds. The specially designed sheep trough eliminates all waste and allows easy cleaning and maintenance. The lick doors and trough contain no sharp or rough edges and are soft on the animals' mouth.

This product can be fitted with a blower pipe to make re-filling your feeder quick and cost-effective when ordering in bulk.

We stand behind our products, 55 years of experience has gone into this design. So put one to the test today.

These are 100% Australian made.

5 Tonne Feeder: Sheep

$9,133.00 inc. GST

Add the 5 Tonne Feeder: Sheep to your order; you can choose your preferred dealer at the final step. Finance available: feed now, pay later.
Rain curtain kit$567.00 inc. GST
Camlock Attachment$245.00 inc. GST
Creep Gates$1,294.00 inc. GST

$9,133.00 inc. GST