The Paton 5 Tonne Cattle Feeder is the largest capacity unit we have on offer and is designed with sheer strength and functionality in mind. These are purpose built unitsĀ for adult cattle. The large 5 Tonne capacity eliminates the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs, reducing stress and saving you time and money.

Paton's Heavy Duty Feeder Range are the toughest and heaviest gauge feeders on the market. These units feature significant interior and exterior reinforcement to maintain their rigid design with consistent feeding and transport around the farm.

The feeder has two 3600mm length troughs, capable of handling 10 large cattle feeding at any given time. The lick doors are fully adjustable from fully closed to 6" opening with a simple turn of the adjustment nuts.

This feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavy chopped and mixed feeds. The trough design is specifically built for adult cattle and has plenty of head space and a large trough area to eliminate all waste.

The unit features a full "anti-rub" cage to prevent animal and operator damage. Access ladders and a full walkway atop the unit provide access alongside the dual swing open hinged lids.

This product can also be fitted with a blower pipe to make re-filling more efficient and cost-effective.

If you're serious about your farming, then don't muck around with an imported light weight unit that won't stand up to Australian conditions. Paton's 5 tonne feeders are fully galvanised and built tough to last a lifetime.

We stand behind our products, 55 years of design, experience, engineering and development has gone into this design. So put one to the test today.

100% Australian made.


  • 3600mm3100mm1900mm

5 Tonne Feeder: Cattle

$11,308.00 inc. GST

Add the 5 Tonne Feeder: Cattle to your order; you can choose your preferred dealer at the final step. Finance available: feed now, pay later.
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Camlock Attachment$288.00 inc. GST
Creep Gate (one side only)$1,193.00 inc. GST

$11,308.00 inc. GST