The Paton 2 Tonne Wheeled Feeder is a larger unit designed to reduce the need for continual refilling, reducing labour costs.  Tow full from the silo to the paddock with ease and convenience with this versatile unit. This larger model can only be moved with a tractor and linkage bar setup, allowing you to raise and lower the unit when travelling.

These feeders are available for both sheep and cattle, and in each case the feeder is modified to suit the nominated livestock of the client. Trough profiles are changed, sub-frame heights are raised or lowered and anti rub cages are added or taken off to suit.

This feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavy chopped and mixed feeds, all depending on the door opening setting. The specially designed trough and lick door system contain no sharp or rough edges, are soft on the animals mouths and eliminate all waste, making the animal experience a happy one. The lick doors can be cranked right down to only allow several grains at a time to be drawn into the animals mouth. The tongue of the animals saliva acts as a blotter to draw up the grain into their mouth. The restriction plate at the back of the trough (sheep models only) makes mouth access to the feed very limited meaning only their tongues can draw feed up. This means saliva runs out and animals move off to drink after a short visit.

On the cattle version, a full anti-rub cage is fitted to prevent large stock damaging the unit.

Featuring a strong frame, two 2400mm length feed troughs, this unit is capable of handling 8 adult cattle at any given time.

This unit has weather protection, with two layers of weather verandas, and has a hinged swing opening lid on the top.

100% Australian Made

2 Tonne Feeder: Cattle – Wheeled

$5,457.00 inc. GST

Add the 2 Tonne Feeder: Cattle – Wheeled to your order; you can choose your preferred dealer at the final step. Finance available: feed now, pay later.
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Rain Curtain Kit$378.00 inc. GST
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Camlock Attachment$245.00 inc. GST
Hitch Ball 1
50mm Towball Hitch$0.00 inc. GST
Hitch Single Tongue
Single Tongue Swivel Hitch$0.00 inc. GST
Hitch Double Tongue 1
Double Tongue Hitch$0.00 inc. GST
Quick Hitch Tapered
Quick Hitch Tapered - 40mm eye on top, 50mm eye on the bottom$0.00 inc. GST

$5,457.00 inc. GST