The Paton 1 Tonne Feeder is the ideal grain feeder designed perfectly for sheep and a wide variety of other animals including goats and pigs.

Small and versatile, yet with a sizeable 1 tonne capacity. This is one of our most popular models with full scale grazing enterprises.

Featuring two 2400mm troughs, capable of handling 16 ewes feeding at any given time, means that 150 to 200 animals can be fed per feeder unit. The simple lick doors are easy to adjust, and so giving you the decision to determine the feed accessibilty for the animal.  From a closed position, up to a 6″ opening, a variety of feeds can be put through these feeders.

Unlike other feeders, this feeder is suitable for feeding grain, pellets or heavy chopped and mixed feeds, all depending on the door opening setting. The specially designed trough and lick door system contain no sharp or rough edges, are soft on the animals mouths and eliminate all waste, making the animal experience a happy one.

The lick doors can be cranked right down to only allow several grains at a time to be drawn into the animals mouth. The tongue of the animals saliva acts as a blotter to draw up the grain into their mouth. The restriction plate at the back of the trough makes mouth access to the feed very limited meaning only their tongues can draw feed up. This means saliva runs out and animals move off to drink after a short visit.

A strong sub-frame provides the ideal lifting platform for your tractor forks or simply attach a chain to the tow point and shift with your utility or ATV.


  • 2400mm1500mm1400mm
  • 218kg

1 Tonne Feeder: Sheep

$2,805.00 inc. GST

Add the 1 Tonne Feeder: Sheep to your order; you can choose your preferred dealer at the final step. Finance available: feed now, pay later.
Rain Curtain Kit$386.00 inc. GST
Camlock Attachment$288.00 inc. GST
Creep Gate (one side only)$635.00 inc. GST

$2,805.00 inc. GST