Searching for the most efficient and cost-effective way to feed your free range or barn housed chickens? Significantly reduce labour, save time and money with the ease and convenience of the Paton Chicken Feeder.

Bulk feeding chickens through a dispensing hopper/feeder means more time spent on other important things around the farm and more efficient use of labour.

Paton's chicken feeder is the best static feeder on the market for your hens. Fully weather proof, featuring dual verandas for weather protection and a slide lid for quick access for refilling.

Featuring two 2400mm specially designed Paton lick doors that are fully adjustable, opening up to 6" to feed any ration to your birds. A wooden perch rail provides your chickens with comfortable access to feed and a specially designed trough area contains all feed and eliminates all wastage, enabling you to get the most out of your grain.

A strong sub-frame is the ideal platform for shifting the unit with your tractor forks, or simply hook a chain through the tow points and shift the unit with your utility or ATV.

100% Australian designed and made.


  • 2400mm1500mm1400mm
  • 320kg

1 Tonne Feeder: Poultry

$2,907.00 inc. GST

Add the 1 Tonne Feeder: Poultry to your order; you can choose your preferred dealer at the final step. Finance available: feed now, pay later.