Reservoir Tanks 1

Reservoir Tanks

These Rainwater tanks are designed for rural properties or larger industrial sites where building size is large and land space is readily available.

These tanks range in size from 23,900 litres through to 275,800 litres. This huge water capacity enables organisations to store significant amounts of valuable rain water and efficiently use this resource for commercial needs.

A Reservoir tank is constructed on site made from corrugated iron material either in Zincalume or Colorbond finish with protective flashings and access fittings. They are lined with an Australian owned and manufactured heavy duty polyethylene fabric specifically manufactured for tank lining applications.

All Paton Reservoir Tanks come standard with:
1 x 50mm Tap
1 x 90mm Overflow
1 x Inlet Strainer Basket
Access Ladder and Manhole

Optional Extras:
Level Indicator
64mm CFA Kit (Includes outlet, valve, CFA adaptor & internal vortex)
50mm CRA Kit (Includes outlet, valve, CFA adaptor)
Rain Saver Caps
Bolt Covers
Dust and Vermin Proofing

  • Reservoir Tank
    Reservoir Tanks 2

    Reservoir Tank

    Please download brochure for standard dimensions and capacities. Tank quote is given on request. Prices are dependent on location and colour.

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