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Automated Feeders

A revolution in cattle feeding.

The Cattle Caller is an automated and controlled cattle feeder which will enable the feeding of high energy, higher cost feed types such as grain and pellets, in a cost effective and efficient manner. No more wasted feed from over eating and uncontrollable feeding, and significantly reduced labour costs.

The highly innovative Cattle Caller means grain and pellet feeding will be accurate and controlled. Its versatility makes it well suited for many applications including;

  • growing out young cattle with a measured and controlled feeding programme
  • maintenance of cattle weights in a feed shortage/drought environment
  • the delivery of added supplements where pasture quality is poor
  • maximising intensive heifer growth with minimal labour inputs
  • fattening cattle to achieve market weight
  • outpaddock feeding where travel and time is costly and monitoring difficult.
  • Cattle Caller – Master Feeder
    IMG 6381

    Cattle Caller – Master Feeder


    The Cattle Caller - Master Feeder allows you to control the amount of feed delivered by setting the desired weight measurement. In operation, the pre-set feed drop simply falls onto a feed table, the cattle are ‘called’ and then feed is consumed. This process means fresh feed quality is optimised for stock consumption. The included features are as follows: Industrial Control System with colour touch screen Scheduled daily feed times Siren calling to feeder 2 tonne capacity Independent solar and battery powered Low voltage battery protection SMS notification available Base frame dimensions 2300mm x 1500mm

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