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Raised Garden Beds

Now you can grow your own vegetables easily and comfortably and harvest the benefits!

Using a raised bed has many positive benefits. It does not matter what your existing soil quality is like (sandy or clay), you can now grow in quality, productive and water-efficient soil without the backbreaking digging. Soil will never become compacted or hard.

Your vegetables will produce bumper healthier crops while you conserve water, recycle your organic household waste, and having the fulfilment of feeding your family from your own home produce.

Using the no-dig method, crop rotation is no longer an issue as you are continually adding and replenishing the soil with each new crop. Your soil does not need to ‘rest’ between crops so you are harvesting more vegetables all year round.

Paton's raised garden beds can be placed anywhere in your garden, and can be stepped in to a sloping garden. They are also an attractive addition to your patio, BBQ or entertaining area and will be a great point of conversation with your friends.

Paton raised garden beds offer gardening opportunities for the people with restricted mobility, bad backs, young children and people with disabilities.

All raised garden beds have a metal/rubber strip to protect the user against sharp edges.

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